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The Da Vinci® Surgical System is a robot-assisted surgical system used to perform minimally invasive operations.

The Da Vinci® Surgical System is a robot-assisted surgical system that is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Robotic surgery using the DaVinci system is an advanced technology used in various medical procedures, including prostate cancer surgery. The DaVinci robot helps surgeons perform precise and minimally invasive surgeries. The DaVinci robot consists of a console where the surgeon sits and robotic arms that guide the instruments. The surgeon operates the instruments via the console and has an enlarged 3D view of the operating area. The surgeon’s movements at the console are then precisely transferred to the instruments by the robotic system. A major advantage of DaVinci robotic surgery is that it places less strain on the patient. The surgery is performed through small incisions, which can result in less blood loss, faster recovery, and less scarring. In addition, the robot’s precise control of the instruments allows for high accuracy and fine motor skills, which can lead to better results. During prostate cancer surgery, the DaVinci robot can be used to remove the prostate (prostatectomy). The precise movements and better visibility allow the surgeon to protect the surrounding tissue and preserve nerve structures that are important for erectile function and control of urine flow. The system can also be used to remove kidney tumors or in advanced bladder cancer situations. It is important to note that DaVinci robotic surgery is not suitable for all patients or all surgeries. The treating doctor will take into account the patient’s individual circumstances and characteristics to choose the best treatment option. Robotic surgery with the DaVinci System has expanded surgical options and can lead to better results and faster recovery. However, it is important that the surgeon has appropriate experience and training in operating the robotic system to ensure the best possible treatment.

Dr. Daniel Seiler is one of the leading robotic surgeons in Switzerland with one of the longest and greatest expertise.

Radical prostate removal, organ-preserving kidney tumor removal, kidney removal, renal pyeloplasty, adrenalectomy, radical bladder removal, ureter reimplantation, complex kidney or ureter stone removal and other procedures are performed.